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17 December 2013 @ 11:11 am
Getting $#*% done like a boss!  
Now that I finally have a day off, I have  buttload of stuff I have to accomplish. I believe a productivity list is in order to keep me on track.

Wash clothes
Do dishes
Clean catbox

Clean fridge, then do THOSE dishes
Wrap hubbies gifts
Clean bathroom and adjacent sink/mirror area
Take recycling to center
Cash check
Work out
Brush cat. She's getting fur everywhere
Make cute festive decorations from all the pumpkins I have
Finish scrapbook page so I can clean up bedroom
Take out trash
Clean makeup brushes

Maybe handmake some Christmas cards?

Finish the book I haven't touched in ages so i can start my new Hyperbole and a Half book. Her book is finally out!! :)
Current Music: Yo La Tengo- "Leaving Home"